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2012 Scripting Games

The Microsoft Scripting Guys is hosting the 2012 Scripting Games April 2 – April 13 2012. The Scripting Games started out several years ago as a scripting competition based on VBScript. After the introduction of Windows PowerShell the Scripting Games did both a VBScript and a PowerShell track for a few years, until last year when VBScript was phased out in advantage of Windows PowerShell.

We can see the same thing happening in terms of automation capabilities in both Microsoft and non-Microsoft products. When we also look at the massive PowerShell capabilities coming in Windows 8 and Windows Server 8, we can see that PowerShell has turned into an essential skill for IT Professionals.

The Scripting Games is an excellent opportunity to get started with the scripting capabilities in Windows PowerShell. If you are new to PowerShell, the Beginner track is the recommended track for your first year participating in the Scripting Games. For more experienced scripters there is an Advanced track with more challenging tasks. Note that using features in the current beta of Windows PowerShell 3.0 is allowed in the Scripting Games submissions.

For those who want an introduction to PowerShell before the Scripting Games begin, Scripting Guy Ed Wilson will host a 5-series Live Meeting called “Windows PowerShell for the Busy Admin” beginning March 12, 2012.

Like last year, I will participate in the Scripting Games as a judge, which will be great fun! For those interested in learning PowerShell I highly recommend to take the time to participate in the Scripting Games, as it is a great learning experience. If your on Twitter, remember to use the 2012 Scripting Games Twitter tag #2012SG.

Good luck to all participants!


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