On Windows PowerShell and other admin-related topics


This is an overview of all scripts I`ve published on my blog.

Name Technology/product Download script Blog-post
Get-ADGroupModificationsReport ps1 Active Directory Link Link
Set-ADUserRandomPassword ps1 Active Directory Link Link
Set-ADUserRandomPassword v2 ps1 Active Directory Link Link
Set-OCSUser ps1 OCS Link Link
Get-SQLDatabaseFreespace ps1 SQL Server Link Link
SPNValidation.psm1 (module) Active Directory Link Link
GPPreferencesPrinters.psm1 (module) Group Policy Link Link
Set-OutlookSignature.ps1 Microsoft Office Link Link
Add-NetworkPrinter.ps1 Windows Client Link Link
Create-Printers.ps1 Windows Server – print server role Link Link
Add-ExcelAddins.ps1 Microsoft Office Link Link
PinnedApplications.psm1 (module) Windows Client Link Link
Invoke-MoveRequest.ps1 Microsoft Exchange Link Link
Spread-Mailboxes.ps1 Microsoft Exchange Link Link
New-Exch2010NlbCluster.ps1 Microsoft Exchange Link Link
New-RDSManfile.ps1 Management Link Link
Backup-ModifiedGPOs.ps1 Group Policy Link Link
Invoke-WindowsUpdate.ps1 Management Link Link
RDSRemoteApp.psm1 (module) Remote Desktop Services Link Link
Send-SMSMessage.ps1 (function) Microsoft Office Link Link
Invoke-ADMTUserMigration.ps1 Active Directory Link Link
Migrate-ADMTUser.ps1 (function) Active Directory Link Link
Invoke-BPAModeling.ps1 Management Link Link
Set-CalendarPermissions.ps1 Microsoft Exchange Link Link
Get-ActiveSyncDeviceInfo.ps1 Microsoft Exchange Link Link
ScriptingAgentConfig.xml Microsoft Exchange Link Link
Get-BitlockerComputerReport.ps1 Windows Server – AD DS Link Link
Get-HotFixReport.ps1 Management Link Link
Add/Remove-EmailAddress (functions) Microsoft Exchange Link Link
Get-MDBMailboxCount.ps1 Microsoft Exchange Link Link
Export and import WLAN profiles (functions) Windows Client Link Link


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