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What is going on

I`ve been quite busy the last couple of months studying for “MCITP: Enterprise Administrator”, and therefore my blog isn`t updated for a while. Now I`m finally done with that and can use more time on PowerShell 🙂

I`ve just started reading the “Windows PowerShell Cookbook” by Lee Holmes, and it seems really good. I`ll get back to it when I`ve read through it.

I just discovered the “Videos and Flash Demos” in the PowerGUI Documentation, and would recommend you to have a look at this if you want to learn about PowerShell and PowerGUI.


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New PowerGUI version released

Today PowerGUI version 1.5.2 was released, it`s available here.
To get the details on what`s new, check out Dmitry`s blogpost.

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PowerGUI is a graphical user interface and script editor for Windows PowerShell.


You can create your own nodes and script nodes for all kinds of things, but there are also a lot of so called power packs ready for download from the Library on for things such as Exchange, OCS, SQL and so on.


When you click on a node, i.e. Processes, you get a list of the running processes on the system, but you can also go to the “PowerShell Code” tab to see the executed PowerShell commands. Great way to learn PowerShell using a GUI!


Also, there is a very good script editor with several features such as intellisense.

For starters, I would recommend having a look at Jeffrey Snover (the PowerShell architect) and Dmitry Sotnikov`s video on Channel9. This is a nice introduction to PowerGUI. Also check out the other great resources on

Btw, I`ve written the Norwegian translation for PowerGUI which is included in the latest build.

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Introduction to PowerShell

If your new to PowerShell, I would like to recommend the online tutorials at as well as the Windows PowerShell Owner`s Manual.

You should also check out the Script Center if you`re interested in scripting.

There are also a lot of good blogs out there about Windows PowerShell, so I`ll update the blogroll on the right side. Meanwhile, you may start have a look at the PowerShell Team Blog.

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Welcome to my blog!

This is the first blog entry on my blog, which will focus mainly on Windows PowerShell and other admin-related topics.

A short introduction about myself:
I work as an IT-consultant in an IT-company in Norway.
I`m holding MCSA 2000/2003, along with different certifications such as MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator (Exchange 2007).

I`ll try to write new posts  when I try new things or discover something else worth blogging about.

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