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Export and import WLAN profiles

Network Shell (Netsh) is a command-line utility that makes it possible to work with various server roles and operating system components in Windows, and have been available since Windows 2000. It`s commonly used to change network interface information such as IP-addresses, as well as for resetting the TCP/IP stack. For a complete overview of the capabilities of netsh, have a look at the Netsh Command Reference on Microsoft TechNet.

Starting with Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008, netsh provides commands for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). This makes it possible to import and export WLAN profiles, which can be useful when re-installing your computer or maybe when deploying corporate computers where WPA Enterprise is not used.

In combination with Windows PowerShell it`s easy to import and export WLAN profiles using netsh. I`ve provided a script containing two PowerShell functions:

  • Export-WLAN
  • Import-WLAN

Click on the thumbnails to see help info for the functions:

image image

The script is available here.

Note that Windows Vista/7 has a concept of all-user and per-user WLAN profiles:


All-user profiles is the default, and the functions are not customized to work with per-user functions.


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